Walking with Dogs

About Us


In the year 2000, I had 3 dogs as pets, which I then began to bread and furthermore train. I noticed at that moment I had a heap of passion that I wanted to throw into the industry and therefore decided to take my passions further. I decided I wanted to help other people with training their dogs and allow them to get their own dogs trained up to be the best of their ability.

After 15 years of constant learnings, exams and training I became fully qualified. I pushed myself through these stages to be better, to make sure I can deal with all dog issues in the best way possible, and primarily to understand the dog's mind to be able to implement the correct training techniques to solve any issues the dog or owner may have.

I continue to carry out my profession today because I believe personally that dogs are not getting the best training out there which causes them to be viewed as 'bad dogs' when they are not deep down, they just haven't been led in the correct direction to suit their minds. Some people are uncertain (understandably) of what they are doing with their dogs and how to train them. Therefore I continue to do what I do today at the highest quality possible to rectify any and every issue your dog may have. This is led by education and passion which is why I continue to succeed and have proven to be the best of the best.